I provide a full spectrum of integrated communications capabilities designed to reach the right people with the right message every time.


Through a wide range of clients and PR projects and long standing media relationships I have grown expertise across industry sectors and developed a knack for uncovering media opportunities in the tech, trade, business and vertical press.

Whether you’re announcing a new product, launching an initiative, embarking on a media tour or chiming in on a broader industry issue, I’ll help pull together the essential elements of a successful story, reach the right press contacts and work with them to create a prime media placement.

I also specialize in contributed content programs and happy customer success stories.

To make sure all PR efforts are time well spent, I monitor, measure and analyze your coverage versus your competitors to reveal opportunities to shift focus and course-correct.


Press interviews are excellent opportunities to tell your story in your own words and get established as a professional and credible authority. Most people don’t realize how much practice is necessary to fully prepare for a media interview. My experience coaching CEO’s, venture capitalists and business leaders reveals that taking the time to thoughtfully identify key messages, organize a narrative and develop talking points will positively impact the quality of the interview and resulting media coverage.

Media coaching workshops with both individuals and small groups address:

  • How to convey a natural, poised and positive impression
  • How to establish genuine rapport with the interviewer
  • How to stay on message and communicate succinctly
  • How to handle difficult questions with techniques such as bridging
  • How to respond to various kinds of reporters – from the “unprepared” and the “bored” to the “aggressive” and the one digging for a “scoop”


Speaking at conferences and events is one of the most powerful ways to share your expertise and drive awareness of your brand. Over time, a regular drumbeat of speaking engagements that align with your business goals will position you as an authority and generate customer leads and revenue. 

I can help you:

  • Identify and prioritize opportunities to speak
  • Draft and submit proposals
  • Help create your presentation and rehearse for the big day

Online webinars are another essential tool for building your brand and establishing credibility.

I can help you:

  • Design a memorable webinar presentation
  • Prepare for technology requirements
  • Rehearse and practice
  • Engage with viewers
  • Moderate the interactive experience and conduct follow up


In order to cut through the noise and stand out from the mountains of information we are all inundated with everyday, your online content must be accessible, memorable, informative and shareable.

Whether you already have content that needs a refresh or you would like to launch a new content program, my creative partners and I will jump in to craft content that aligns with your business goals, capture attention and generate results.

Content types include:

  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • POV papers
  • Web copy
  • Contributed content such as byline articles and guest posts


No communications campaign is complete without a visually appealing and content rich social media presence. By executing a social media program that aligns with your business goals and expresses your brand narrative, you can establish an ongoing dialogue with customers that builds engagement and brand loyalty.

My social media services include:

  • Social media audit and analysis
  • Social strategy
  • Brand voice and narrative development
  • Social content/editorial calendar and scheduling
  • Social content development and sharing
  • Sponsored and promoted content


Whether you’re a startup, a solo entrepreneur or social enterprise, events are an excellent way to gain brand exposure, survey the competition, engage with customers and prospects and meet with the press.

With event partners, I secure sponsorships and speaking engagements as well as create marketing collateral such as signage and brochures.

Together we help plan, create and manage:

  • Tradeshow booth and product demos
  • Employee meetings and retreats
  • Customer gatherings
  • Media events


In collaboration with creative partners, I produce videos, build websites and design beautiful images that showcase your brand and:

  • Establish the look, tone and feel of your organization
  • Promote and support product launches
  • Launch your social presence
  • Engage users
  • Drive sales


Your brand is the intangible sum of the elements that consumers experience in relation to a product or service. Images, stories, memories and expectations meld together and form a visceral perception and gut feeling in a consumer’s mind and body about the qualities and attributes of your products and service. Your brand is the deciding factor that determines if a consumer will choose your offering over an alternative.

I will work with your team to define and enliven your brand in stages:

  • Unpack the current brand and identify the existing messaging that is expressed
  • Deep dive into the heart of the brand and discover its core attributes
  • Develop a brand narrative that starts with the core attributes and extends out to the various ways audiences will personally connect with the narrative
  • Create messaging that convey the how and why of the brand
  • Craft a holistic communications architecture that fuels brand equity


BrandEmbodied Workshop

A brand is expressed through a multitude of platforms and touch points including a website, social media presence, customer service, advertisements and visual identity as well as through the execution of mission, vision and value statements.

A brand is also expressed through the brand advocates that have the greatest stake in the success of its brand  – the leader of an organization and its staff.

BrandEmbodied is a workshop that explores how brand equity is deepened through personal engagement with the fundamental qualities of the brand. By getting to know the brand and aligning with its attributes on a core level, brand advocates are empowered to embody and express the brand ethos in every conversation and interaction they have with customers, coworkers and partners.

Whether you have recently set a new strategy for your organization’s brand, or are articulating it for the very first time, the BrandEmbodied experience will plunge you into the heart and soul of your brand where you will learn how to bring it alive in everything you do.

In the BrandEmbodied workshop, we will:

  • Explore your brand’s unique core attributes, values and personality
  • Understand the relationship between your organization’s goals, visual identity and brand strategy
  • Learn how leaders inspire and model the organization’s investment in the brand
  • Learn how staff serve as brand advocates at various touchpoints through the day
  • Build a sense of community and support into your team

SoulPurpose Workshop

Check back soon for workshop information!